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Welcome, dear heart! My name is Shree Lasya and I'm so happy you're here.

As a multi-passionate artist and multi-dimensional being, I'm deeply committed to honoring and sharing the healing wisdom that lives within and can be accessed through open-hearted living, a day to day and moment to moment practice. 

Our personal and collective trauma, conditioning and programming has left many of us with disillusioned minds and hardened hearts. We've lost touch with the most potent and sacred aspect of who we really are -- divine love expressing itself in various forms. Through direct experience, I've found that the living wisdom of our hearts can be the portal to our greatest freedom, expansion and expression. There is an infinite well within that is here to guide and support our being as we navigate this human experience.

We write, to honor the energy in co-creating a new paradigm where all parts of our being are held with reverence, appreciation and unconditional love. Because all parts, all beings deserve it. Together, we integrate into the wholeness of our being, recognizing that both the dark and the light have their teachings and respective roles for our greatest expression. We teach practical tools for self-compassion and true self-love so that we can hold the space for our fractured parts to safely be seen, heard and receive what they need most from us -- our loving presence and support.

The messages shared here are intended to honor the expression of our sacred heart and to provide comfort, support and strength to all as we navigate the complexities, challenges and opportunities that arise in this human experience. Each message is channeled through the heart and coded in the light to serve as an energetic transmission to support the awakening of our collective humanity. This means simply reading the words allows their vibration to support you on your own journey as you connect with the beauty and radiance of your own heart.

May these words resonate with you in the deepest essence of where you reside -- where our hearts meet and remember that we are truly One, walking each other Home. I'm so honored that you're here and excited to see how this journey unfolds, for the greatest benefit of us all. I love you.

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