My name is Shree Lasya. As a heart-centered being and writer, I’m passionate about empowering myself and others to step into our full creative power. I believe it’s not only possible for us to create the life of our dreams, but that it’s our birthright!


After living with depression, anxiety and extreme feelings of low self-worth for over a decade, I decided to turn within and question everything I had been taught to think, to feel, to believe.


Through this process, I recognized that I’m more than the stories I’ve been told and more than the stories I was telling myself. I learned our greatest power lies in how we use our words and where we place our belief. 


I began rewriting the script and have since transformed my life. My mission is to help you recognize your own creative potential and believe in your abilities to start living your dreams. Because you deserve it.


The tools and stories I offer will help inspire and illuminate your unique magic, gifts and talents. Trust that you have what it takes and know that I support you every step of the way.