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a prayer, intention from the heart

What a beautiful gifts words are. And what a beautiful gift to allow them to flow freely from the heart. In a journal session, the below came through as an affirmation. And as I read it back and reflected, it felt like a prayer, an intention from the heart.

My intention in sharing this is to honor the beautiful wisdom of my own heart and remind you of the same beautiful wisdom in yours. I pray this blesses you on your journey and you find peace in this Eternal Now Moment. I am so very grateful you're here. I love you!


I enjoy saying this with one or both hands over the heart after taking a few deep breaths:

I am so grateful to continue trusting in the miraculous unfolding of Life.

I am so grateful to witness the most incredible MIRACLES before my very eyes, in my own heart and in this Now experience.

I am so grateful to be infinitely supported by the Universe to simply BE.

I am so grateful for trusting the Unknown and for not needing to know what comes next.

I am so grateful to enjoy the surprises and variety of flavors of Life.

I am so grateful for an open heart to honor each experience as sacred.

I am so grateful for this beautiful vessel I get to enjoy in this physical experience, here and now.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is, aho! <3

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