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a simple revelation

I was recently gifted a beautiful conversation with a dear friend in which this simple yet powerful realization flowed through. Being here now is not really a new concept – spiritual scriptures + mindfulness teachings say this in one form or another; or if you’re familiar with Ram Dass you know this mantra very well. But sometimes we just have that aha moment deep in the heart, in our bones and it becomes a knowing. The shift from conceptual to embodied.

So I shared this question that has often come up in a culture and collective consciousness of ‘doing.’ The question is, ‘What is my purpose?’ As if my purpose is some solitary, singular, elusive thing out there in a distant future. Perhaps this is part of the programming of becoming somebody, achieving something, adding on the identity.

Spirit said to me so clearly, your purpose is being here now. Whatever is coming up in this Present moment experience, be fully in it. It's really that simple. How deeply can you offer your Presence, your Love to this Eternal Now moment? To merge and be One with all of it?

And that really hit me. It’s not about becoming anything. What is there to become? Am I even this identity? That is a whole other conversation and it's also all the same...I digress :)

So what if our purpose is simply to be here now? What else is there?

I love the beauty of inquiry – going into our own Being and direct experience, allowing the answers to reveal themselves. What is showing up in your present moment? Where can you relax more deeply? Where can resistance be met with witnessing?

Sending deep love and gratitude for all souls, all beings. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. And so it is, aho!

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