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done is better than perfect

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hello beautiful humans! I thought for my first blog post this would be a fitting title. You may have heard this before as an antidote to perfectionism. I'll be honest, it is certainly one that I am employing right now.

Staying true to my mission of authentically sharing, I will tell you that starting this blog has me giddily excited and also feeling all the fears. The fears of what people will think, what if it's not good enough, what if I change my mind later.... you get the idea.

But here I am still writing it anyway and reminding myself that people will think what they want; not everyone will like me and that is okay. This blog is good enough because I am good enough (and so are you, my love). I may very well change my mind later as most humans do, and that is okay! Actually better than okay, because change is how we learn and grow, ya dig?

I am trusting in the process and am here to encourage you to do the same. I enjoy sharing so openly because it honors what inside of me longs to be expressed and it gives you permission to do the same as well. The words I share in this blog are part of my authentic self-expression -- they serve me with loving kindness and my hope is they help you, too, with wherever you are on this journey.

This blog will not be perfect, because neither am I. I will be learning as I go and honoring what is perfectly imperfect about me. This is self-love in action and I encourage you to do the same - learn as you go and honor what is perfectly imperfect about you. I promise it makes you unique and wonderful.

Thank you for being here for this journey and this ride. Let's goooo!


Shree Lasya

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