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releasing attachment to outcome + letting myself be seen

hiya beautiful soul! thanks for being here :) this is a little stream of consciousness journaling. hope you enjoy! may it give you whatever you need to let us all see and love your unique and beautiful shine <3

There is that part of me that feels so vulnerable in sharing this. And there's also that part that feels so much beauty and power. They are both valid. Leaning into the latter, tho <3


The words just flow and that’s amazing. Releasing the attachment to outcome. Releasing the worry or thought of how ‘I’ am perceived. Sharing because it feels good. Letting ‘myself’ be undefined. Permission to change any time, as many times as I desire. Letting life flow through me. Letting it all happen. Surrendering everything I think I know. Trusting in the Divine Flow and Perfection that is Life. It’s all beautiful. It’s all sacred. So funny as so much (almost all!) of the things that come through in our writing, in our transmission, in our flow are the same. Even as I look back through old journals, the words and flows that felt so revelatory in those moments (and I’m sure they were) are the same messages I receive today. Verbatim. More proof that it's all happening Now?

Perhaps that is part of the Truth – it is eternal and timeless. This feels like the Truth to me. And I accept it’s just part of my journey.

Witnessing parts of me (ego) wondering what the point is in sharing. So much of what comes through for us is already already out there (it's all the same Source). It's written in the sacred scriptures, books, podcasts. It’s not really anything new. But then my heart says it wants to be shared. It wants to be seen and held. Not in a space of needing that, but in the space of love. In the space of wholeness. It just wants to be expressed and reflected for the sake of it. And because there are other Souls who resonate, who are on this type of path (all paths valid and perfect!), who feel these words mirrored back to them. And this is such delicious beauty.

I think of all of our teachers whose messages are also virtually the same. Perhaps they express with their own unique flavor. And I’m so grateful for each of them sharing their wisdom, their essence, their truth. Oh the moments I have felt their words resonate so deeply in my Being. I can appreciate the Love I experience in their vibration. So can I not give my own heart that same permission, opportunity? That in itself is enough. That in itself is a blessing. Perhaps this is the dance of honoring what desires to be expressed and allowing the ego to its thing. I am still on this journey and can witness these thoughts and feelings with love. It’s all love after all.

I think I just want to share :) That’s part of being human. Sharing, expressing, storytelling. There’s no need to compare. There is space for everyone. Every being, every Soul has a unique expression. We are all worthy and we are all honored. And I can remind my human self and ego of this when those thoughts come up. I'm just kind of loving all of this -- the spiritual, the eternal, the being human. What a gift!


Perhaps this resonates with you in some way and you can give those parts of yourself permission to be seen, loved, expressed and shine. You are a beautiful Soul!

May all beings be happy and free. And so it is, aho!

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