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some baby poems -- reflections on duality

Updated: Jan 10

I am still on this journey

In each now moment

And my prayer

My intention

My hope

Is to see the beauty in all of this

Even when it hurts

To see the dark and light in me

In you

In all of us

And remember Love

Is the antidote.


Is the answer.


Is who we really are.

And so it is. Aho <3


Just as our Mother


has day and night

Each of us, her children,

Have dark and light.


There is medicine

in both the dark and the light,

and so I offer this remembrance from the heart:

It is ALL sacred.

It is ALL holy.

There is no other

It is ALL one.

We are ALL ONE.

The truth, the essence of each of us

Is the same ONE LOVE.

May I breathe this into the essence of my being

May I remember this as Eternal Truth

May I embody this in each now moment

May I surrender who I think I am

And simply be

Here and now

With the beauty and miracle that is Life.

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