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stepping into our power

This past year and more specifically these past few months, we've felt a significant transformative shift in our consciousness. A totally new way of being and experiencing ourself and the world around us. When I say 'we' or 'us,' I'm referring to my collective unit as a person -- the human, the mind and the divine that lives within that we call Shree Lasya. That being said, I interchangeably use the following personal pronouns when referring to myself: me, myself, I, we, us, our. <3

We feel called to share about our experience to honor this beautiful process. Our greatest desire and hope is to inspire, encourage and empower you on your path. This feels like a deeper awakening of sorts and I invite you join me on this journey. This ongoing personal path to empowerment is one of my greatest joys and brings me life to share with you. After all, we are all each others teachers. Walking each other home.

I'm writing this stream-of-consciousness style. This blog (like everything in life) is not meant to be perfect, it's meant to just be. So take what serves you and leave the rest. Alright, let's dive in.

The biggest shift we've experienced in recent months has come from taking *full responsibility* for ourself and our life, recognizing that this is the only way to truly transform into our highest self. This is the only way to step into our creative power to create the life of our dreams.

This means accepting all aspects of ourself. All! In addition to celebrating our light, we learn to meet our darkness and shadow (shame, guilt and pain) with self-compassion. Giving ourself the love we were previously denied. Riding the waves and FEELING our feelings. Kicking and screaming if we need to get the energy out. It's not always pretty but these negative emotions have been repressed for years and they need to be moved through the body in order to be released. Whatever this looks like for you -- dancing, screaming in the car, punching a pillow, going for a jog, ugly crying -- give yourself permission to DO IT! The more we resist the feelings, the more they will persist. It's going to feel scary and uncomfortable as hell at first, but trust that you will make it through. Each time we practice feeling our feelings, it becomes that much easier. As someone who used to numb literally anything that wasn't comfortable to feel, I can assure you it gets easier. With time. With practice. Stay with it.

Along with taking total responsibility of ourself, this means accepting our past. The trauma, the pain, the shame. The stuff we don't want to talk about. The people who hurt us. Acknowledging that they did the best they could with the level of awareness they had at the time (that's all anyone can do) is freeing! Because if they new better, they would have done better. When we accept the past we no longer need to bring those old storylines into our present reality and we can create a clean slate. We can come to a place of forgiveness. And beyond that, we can expand our lens to see the gifts that come from those experiences. The wisdom we've gained. The new insights we have about the life we want to create. Depth of emotion and empathy for others. We accept and forgive those who hurt us - not because we agree with their actions, but because forgiveness and acceptance set us free. And we're here to be free.

A HUGE PART OF THIS CONTINUING TRANSFORMATION - Owning our infinite power, our god-essence (or higher self whatever ya wanna call it) so we can quit playing small and hiding in the shadows. Giving ourself permission to take up the space and be who we want. Leaving the rules and programs of the past in the past. Tapping into our clean slate to create anew. Recognizing that we are literal creators made by our creator. Honoring the dreams that light us on fire! This is our one life. We get to choose how we write our story. We get to release the need to 'do' from a place of external approval and instead get to 'be' everything we are. We recognize that everything we need is within us. There is an infinite well of creative inspiration within each of us. We can trust this source to guide us in each moment of each day. There is no need to worry when we're tapped into our true nature within.

When we step in to this place of power, we recognize that we have what it takes. We have the power of our perception to shape how we see ourselves and create our days and our lives. We are each gifted with unique talents and dreams. We are meant to bring these dreams to life. May we surrender to this inner wisdom and trust that all is unfolding for our highest good. I feel so lucky to go through this transformation and it's my deepest desire to support you on your path. I am excited to see what unfolds on this journey. For now, know that I am sending you infinite love and peace. I am cheering for you! I see you. I love you. I am you and you are me - together we are one love living this beautiful dream on earth. Remember our power is in our perception. You are magnificent, a miracle in the flesh and exactly where you need to be. Trust.

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