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pondering on purpose

Updated: Jan 11

What if our purpose is not out there in some elusive future

But right here, in the Now

Being here Now

Whatever is arising

We witness with love and genuine curiosity

Offering the greatest gift – our Presence.

Because the dark and the light are both our teachers

Equally sacred

As every expression of Life in this dual world

Has both.

A purpose, a place, a home

In the space of the lotus

That is our own heart.


What is the purpose of life? Being here now. This moment is the fulfillment. Mind can label any judgment on what is wrong. But even separation, even the fall, even the darkness that exists in all is here on purpose. Every aspect of this Life is the One. There is no way the One could get it wrong because the One is Source, God, Eternal Peace + Bliss (or whatever you want to call the higher power of your understanding). This world is a dream, a projection of consciousness, and it contains both. For with pleasure comes the pain. And beyond this, we touch something that has no other -- the Eternal, the Timeless, the Formless, that which is beyond words. The true nature of who we are.

Even as ‘I, the human’ write these words, it is giving medicine to the self from Self. ‘I the human’ have yet to embody all of this but that is also part of the joy and journey. I am not here to arrive or change anything about my perceived self of what is happening now. I cannot force my way into being free, healed, liberated or enlightened. For the truest nature of who I am (who all beings are) is Self incarnate. And in perfect divine timing the separated self, this identity I have come to believe ‘I am,’ will dissolve by divine grace. Not by any effort from the separate self.

So I rejoice in being here now. I take delight in all of the blessings. I am grateful for the peace of not knowing and trusting I don’t need to know. I relax and remember I, too, am Nature. Cared for, adored, cherished, valued and loved. I can surrender all of my doing, all of my pain, all of my desire. And allow Life to unfold in divine perfect order as it always does anyway. What a blessing and gift to even perceive in this way – another manifestation of Divine Grace.

I humbly bow to the lotus of the heart in all beings. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May we remember who we really are – in Union for Eternity, total Bliss, Peace + Love.

And so. it. is. Aho!

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