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You are your own completion

AFFIRMATION: I am my own completion - there is nothing and no one outside of me that can complete me. I am already whole.

These words are so beautiful to me because it is a reclamation of our power. When we believe we need someone or something outside of ourselves to feel whole, validated, enough, etc., then we give away our power to a source over which we have no control.

It is not uncommon for us to seek validation and acceptance outside of ourselves. Especially in the culture of capitalism, commodification, keeping up with the Jones’s (or Kardashians for this millennium) where this is the norm. Advertisements tell us we need the newest tech gadget, beauty trend or luxury car to make ourselves happy or enough.So it’s no wonder we seek fulfillment outside of us - it’s been conditioned in us from a very young age. But! Awareness is a gift. Once we are aware of this conditioning we can begin the work of unlearning and returning back to our true nature of love, peace and feeling the inherent worth that exists within each of us.

Think about when we were kids. All we wanted to do was play and be in the moment. We weren’t worried about what our hair looked like or our clothes or house or car. We just wanted to be present and love. That is still true for us as human beings no matter our age. However it’s just been covered up by layers of social conditioning. (Don’t get me wrong, not all social conditioning is bad. For instance, learning to communicate with and respect other people and animals is necessary for a heathy and functioning society. But it’s when we give away our power to outside sources that we need a course correction.)

So how do we start this journey of unlearning? We begin by practicing awareness. We become aware of our thoughts and feelings. Which ones are on repeat throughout the day -- are we focused on what we need to consume to keep up a certain image? Are we constantly worried about what will happen in the future? Concerned about our body image? Notice which thoughts come up multiple times a day and perhaps write them down in a journal. Look at where these beliefs and stories are rooted. If we are concerned with body image, is it because we truly want to live in a healthy body or because we feel we need to look like the models in the magazine? If we are worried about the future is it because are afraid to live in the present moment? Why do we need to worry about a moment that has not yet arrived?

Some of my favorite books that accompany this mindfulness and self love journey include The Untethered Soul, Be Here Now, The Power or Now, Untamed and A Course In Miracles Made Easy. There are so many resources to help us awaken on this journey. Find what resonates best with you. Your ultimate freedom is what we are after. And it will look different for all of us.

Also, it’s worth noting that this journey is not selfish. Self care, self love and the spiritual journey you take is not selfish. What we do for ourselves we do for others. By liberating and loving ourselves more fully, we give others permission to do the same. And the more liberated and loving beings we have on earth, the closer we come to peace for all humanity.

I see you. I love you. You are enough.

stay soft angels,

shree lasya

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